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World in crisis but there's always cricket...

Returned home, rained on, ready for the first coffee after the school run (I’m a Key Worker) with a full days work plus counselling ahead of me in Lockdown January to WTF? Cricket on Test Match Special!

Other half usually grumbles about radios or tellies left on when you have left the room but not this morning – it was on not quite full blast whilst he did Joe Wicks in the living room. I was a bit irritated by not just this but a bunch of overpaid middle aged and elderly men wittering on about something that totally dosen’t matter in a world engulfed by the Covid crisis, intriguing impeachment and clampdown on click and collect.

Now don’t get me wrong. I love cricket and have followed it since the 1980s live, home, abroad, on the radio, telly, test match, county and Twenty20. But it belongs in the Summer and at the weekend if you’re working.

I needed to go out to see someone in the community and it was still on when I returned and England by this time had taken their 7th wicket against an off the boil Sri Lanka compared to that sensational side of a few years ago. I tuned in until joining an online meeting and started to feel soothed on the planet where the struggling side were in ‘all sorts of bother’ and technical issues were fumbled through in a gentlemanly manner and ‘all is well with the world’. I sincerely wished it was and am looking forward to returning to planet TMS at the weekend.


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